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Electrical Panel Installation Service In Dunedin

Taking care of the electricity in your home needs to be done by a professional. When you’re concerned with electrical connections, that is not something you want to do alone. By working with the experts at Pronto Service Pros, you can make sure your home’s electrical aspects to work properly without risk to yourself. Whether you need wires checked or an electrical panel installation service in Dunedin, we’ve got you taken care of.

Learn more information about the electrical panel in your home below and see why you want to trust the professionals here at Pronto Service Pros.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel in your home is simply the hub of power that runs every part of the residence. This is where the fuses for your power and your breakers are. Replacing the box with an updated model needs a licensed electrician. That’s where we come in. You do not want to take the risk of shocking yourself or fatally harming yourself in the mix. It’s best to leave this process to those with the experience and licensing to do so.

Installation Process

Your upgrade will depend on the size of the home, power access, and how much power is coming into the home. Your installation technician will do some measurements, estimating, and discussion with you to ensure you have the best, safest option available.

In some installations, you’ll also need rewiring as well. Don’t worry! We’re trained to do all of the electrical work for you to rest assured it is done correctly.

If you need an electrical panel installation service in Dunedin, be sure to contact the office today at (813) 592-4270.

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