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How much is a service call?

Service calls, day or night, are $49.95. When we come out we’ll evaluate your entire unit to figure out what is going on. Once the technician pin points the problem he will provide an estimate for either maintenance or a repair on your unit. If you approve the estimate given then we waive the service call fee!

What does my labor warranty cover?

Labor warranty covers any parts or the compressor. If anything were to break during your labor warranty period, you are completely covered. The only thing that is not covered under labor warranty is if it’s a maintenance issue. Like a new car needs oil changes, your AC system needs maintenance.

My unit is cooling, just not as well as it use to.

Sometimes a pin hole leak can pop up over time and slowly leak out Freon. Early detection of this can save you hundreds of dollars on replacing your Freon. Older units are notorious for these pin hole leaks and most of the time it’s a manufacturer defect.

How long is ductwork good for?

Typically duct work can have a life span of 15-20 years. With added insulation you can protect your duct work along with pest control. It’s rare but if any rodents or cats have snuck into your ductwork looking for comfort you may experience improper air flow

What is IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)?

Indoor Air Quality products can help keep your AC unit & duct work clear of germs, pollen & dust. From a hospital grade air filter system to a UV light built into your air handler, we got you covered with the best products in the industry!

My air conditioning is blow air but it's not cold

This is our most common thing that we hear. This means that your condenser outside has stopped running. This could honestly be a small maintenance issue or as large as a bad compressor. Your safest bet is to give us a call & schedule a service call to go through your entire system.

I have water leaking onto my ceiling or garage

Air handlers condensate everyday, all day. Just like a glass of ice water in a warm room, you’ll see the condensation coming off of it. When your system is on it take the warm air inside of your home and circulates it back into your home as cold air. If a safety float switch is not operating correctly it can cause your unit to continue running even though there is water inside of your unit. This can cause the water to overflow into your home.

Why do I need maintenance on a new unit?

Just like new cars need oil changes after so many miles, so does your AC system. Running approximately 400 hours a month!

Why is there so must dust in my home?

Remember to change your air filter every month to avoid build up on your coils. Build up causes air flow restriction that can hinder the operation of your HVAC unit. It would probably be a good idea to get your ducts checked out also if you’ve seen more dust than usual in your home. When your air is on it may be blowing dust from your attic into your home if you have any air leaks in your ducts.

How long until I need to replace my HVAC unit?

This question solely depends on the maintenance that you have done on your unit. Units that are not maintained will typically last 9-11 years. The reason for this is the unit will run longer to keep up with the set temperature in your home if it’s not getting the proper air flow. This can significantly lower the life of your AC unit.

A unit that has been maintained atleast once a year and regular filter changes can last as long as 15-17 years depending on the area you live in. Thankfully the newer units are painted with a special protection from the UV rays and the salt we have in the air living in Florida.

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